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The USA is a county which is located in North America. With an area of 9,826,675 km2, the country is the third biggest country in the world and it consists of 50 states and one Federal District which is its capital – Washington. Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia lie consistently in the middle of the continent that is located between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the border with Canada in the north and with Mexico in the south. The state of Alaska is located in the northwest to Canada and Hawaii is an archipelago located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The country also has five populated and nine unpopulated areas in the Pacific Ocean and the in the Caribbean Sea.

The population of the country is approximately 381 millions of people which makes it the third-largest country worldwide. The citizens of the USA come from many different ethnic groups with dissimilar and often divergent cultures and almost all their ancestors were immigrants from diverse countries. Additionally, the country is a member of many international organizations as the most important of them are OECD, NATO, UN, and OAS. The United States has not adopted an official language but the largest percentage of the state’s population is English-speaking and in this language are created and the most of the official documents.

The capital of the USA is Washington, DC, where live about 650 000 people. In Washington are located the centers of all three branches of the federal government of the United States, as well as many national historical sights and museums. There are 174 foreign embassies and in Washington are located the headquarters of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The headquarters of other institutions such as trade unions, interest groups, and professional associations are also located in the district.

However, the biggest city in the country is New York – the center of the US financial, media, publishing and advertising industries. The area of San Francisco Bay is the main technology center while Los Angeles is the most important center for film and television productions. The Midwest is known for its strong manufacturing and heavy industry and especially for Detroit – the historical center of the US automotive industry, and Chicago – the financial and business capital of the region. The Southeast is the main area for the timber industry, tourism, and agriculture. If you want to send a courier to these cities or to another one, you may find the postal code you need here.

The USA is a country with a relatively short history in comparison to Europe but the most people associate it with the diverse economic opportunities allowing people to rise faster in the hierarchy, the vast entertainment industry that produces the most of the world production in the industry and the variety of natural features and ethnic groups that can be met in the country.

The US is a country where it is popular and possible for a person to build themselves, their business and their economic prosperity. The diverse educational opportunities, the easier crediting, the possibility to declare bankruptcy after which an individual may again start a business and deferred payment of equipment are only a small part of the aspects that allow many people to significantly increase their standard of living which countless famous people are an example for. The realization of the so-called American Dream is entirely possible in the USA and this is the reason why many people decide themselves to immigrate to the country and to receive and send courier shipments to and from their relatives in other parts of the world.

The entertainment industry in the USA is another aspect the country is worldwide famous for. The huge production of movies, series, music videos, books and stars in the show business promotes the American culture everywhere. Annually to the USA are attracted thousands of people who dream of a career in this particular field. The opportunities for professional development they are given usually makes them stay in the country and again these people often need to receive and send document shipments and parcels to their families and friends in their home countries.

The American landmarks and the mix of cultures is also something typical for the country. From deserts to places where snow is almost during all year round, from coniferous forests to steppe meadows – the USA is a country where almost all climatic zones are present and there are one of the largest reserves and natural landmarks in The Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Canyon, The Statue of Liberty and many others. The cultural and ethnic diversity in the United States is not smaller. There you can meet representatives of dozens of nations, enjoy their traditions and customs, taste typical of their native place cuisine and learn interesting facts about their countries.

Just this presence of millions of people, almost all of whom have relatives in countries different from the United States, causes a huge daily traffic of courier shipments being sent and received safely and in the shortest time possible.

CouriersFinder is an online platform that allows quickly and easily to compare and order a courier to one of the company’s partners who is certified professionals in the branch and they simultaneously ensure the fast and secure sending and receiving of your parcels.

Information about the exact prices and the conditions for sending parcels and documentary shipments to the USA can be found on the website of CouriersFinder which is located here.

After you have chosen which of the partner of CouriersFinder to send your parcel or documentary shipment by, do not miss to read the pieces of advice of CouriersFinder for the successful sending and receiving of your shipment:

  • Wrap well your shipment inside and outside
  • It is mandatory to write clearly and legibly the address of the recipient and the return shipping address
  • Avoid sending expensive or fragile items
  • The cold weapons are banned to be imported with a parcel to the USA
  • Avoid sending perishable products without considering the deadline for their delivery
  • Do not send live animals, bulbs, seeds or seedlings in your parcel
  • Your shipment may not contain hazardous, poisonous or infectious materials and objects
  • Your package is forbidden to have liquids in it
  • Avoid sending pornographic materials in your shipment that can cause inconvenience during its transport
  • It is better to insure your parcel if it does contain valuable items.


With the partners of CouriersFinder your parcel is going to reach the USA quickly and safely!

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