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Macedonia is a country in Southeastern Europe which is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula and it covers an area of 25 713 km2. The country borders in the north with Serbia and Kosovo, in the west – with Albania, in the south – with Greece and to the east – Bulgaria.

The total population of the Republic of Macedonia is a little more than two millions of people, most of whom live in small villages attempting to develop competitive agriculture.

The biggest city in Macedonia is its capital – Skopje. There live a little over half a million people which make the city at the same time an economic, cultural and administrative center of the country. Other major cities in the republic are Bitola, Kumanovo, Prilep, Tetovo, and Ohrid. When you need to send a courier to one of them or to another location in the Republic of Macedonia the postal code you need can be found quickly and easily on the website of CouriersFinder: here.

The Republic of Macedonia is known mainly for its tourist destinations, culture, and gastronomic specialties.

The tourism industry in the Republic of Macedonia is one of the sectors that give the country the greatest revenue. Ohrid and Lake Ohrid are some of the biggest tourist and historical sites in the country and from and to this destinations multiple couriers are constantly being sent. The growing popularity of the Macedonian ski resorts also is a cause for the increased traffic of shipments to them.

The Macedonian national dishes and drinks are also emblematic for the country. Dishes like ‘grafche on tafche’ and the famous Macedonian sausages differ the Macedonian cuisine from the kitchens of the neighboring countries as well as the Macedonian wines are extremely popular not only in the region but also throughout the whole continent. Those wines that are manufactured in the area of Tikvesh are world famous and they are a frequently chosen object of parcel delivery Macedonia to other countries.

These aspects of the economy and the culture of the Republic of Macedonia logically require the increased traffic of courier and transport loads to and from the country to be fast, secure and at the best prices possible which can be guaranteed by the partners of the web platform CouriersFinder allowing you to compare and apply for a variety of courier and transport services.

Prices and terms for delivery and transportation services for Macedonia can be compared and requested here.

When you need to send or receive a parcel from and to Macedonia using the services of CouriersFinder, do not forget to read the tips of CouriersFinder for the safe transportation of your parcel:

  • Use suitable and reliable materials for the outer and the inner packaging of your parcel
  • Remember that it is forbidden to send parcels to Macedonia that contain live animals, meat, and dairy products
  • It is not recommended to send parcels containing have live plants, bulbs or seedlings
  • Avoid sending parcels containing pharmaceutical products
  • If your shipments contain organic chemicals, it is most likely that they will not be allowed in the country
  • In no way send or expect to receive parcels containing artifacts
  • Write the return address on the outside of the box shipment
  • It is better to insure your shipment if it contains valuables
  • Do not forget to take advantage of the opportunity to monitor the transportation of your parcel in real time here.

When using the services of the partners of CouriersFinder, you ensure the successful and fast dispatch and delivery of your shipment!

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