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Romania is a country in Southeastern Europe that borders in the northeast with Moldova and Ukraine, in the west – with Hungary and Serbia, and tin he south – with Bulgaria. In the east, it has an outlet on the Black Sea.

The total area of the country is 238,396 km², as 231,244 km² of them are land and 7,152 km² is water. Romania’s population amounts to approximately 22 millions of people and this fact places the country on the the110th place in population density worldwide. The country joined the EU together with Bulgaria on 01/01/2007 and from that moment it became an external border of the organization.

The capital of Romania is Bucharest – the largest city in the country and the same time the most important cultural, administrative and political center of the country. The city is the only one with a population of over one millions of people and there resides a little over 10% of the total population of the country.

Other large cities in Romania are Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Constanta, Craiova, and Galati and if you want to send a parcel to one of them or to another destination in the country, it is most easily and quickly to find the postal code you need on the website of CouriersFinder which can be found here.

Romania is a country with centuries-old traditions in many cultural fields but it is most recognizable around the world with the legend of the most famous vampire – Count Dracula, the vast reorganization of the capital of the country, also called the little Paris’’, and its traditional cuisine.

Located in Transylvania, the castle of the legendary Count Dracula is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Having lived in the 15th century, Vlad Tepes is known for his cruelty to the members of his peasants. He punished them even for minor transgressions making the implement a synonym of his governance. After his death, a legend occurred that he has become a vampire, hence the beginning of a long cultural tradition which has led to the creation of a number of high quality and interesting movies, paintings, music and literary works.

Another thing Romania is very famous for is the city center of Bucharest. Broken down to the ground during the Ceausescu regime the center was rebuilt in order to be built some of the largest buildings in the whole world. The building of the parliament is the second biggest administrative building after the Pentagon while the deliberate copying of Paris attracts millions of tourists every year who – with the help of CouriersFinder, can send parcels to their close ones in other parts of the world.

The specific Romanian cuisine is another thing that must be experienced when visiting the country. Varied and influenced by the cultures of the countries Romania has been in contact with the Romanian cuisine is known primarily for the meal polenta. It is made from corn flour and it has become popular during the occupation of Dobrogea. Served with a sauce of red pepper, oil, and cheese, it is extremely good for your health, tasty and filling. Different dishes made from corn or corn flour are also deeply rooted in the essence of the Romanian cuisine and they help Romania to stand out among the neighboring countries in the region.

The transformation of Romania into an increasingly cosmopolitan country, especially after the start of the EU membership, have significantly contributed to the increased traffic of parcels to and from the country which in turn sets new standards for safe and rapid transfer.

CouriersFinder is an online platform which can be useful precisely in such conditions – with its help you are going to be able to compare and choose the services of one of its partners who are not only proven specialists in their field but also can guarantee the quick and safe transportation of your shipment to and from any place in the country.

You can find the exact prices and the conditions or sending documentary shipments and parcels to and from Romania here.

When you choose through which of the partners of CouriersFinder to send your parcel to or from Romania, make sure to take advantage of the pieces of advice of CouriersFinder in order not to expose your parcel at unnecessary risks:

  • Make sure that both the outer and inner packaging of the item you send is strong so it cannot be damaged during its transportation
  • Better not send perishable products or those with a short shelf life, so as not to expose the recipient of your shipment to danger
  • Do not put too many items in one and the same box
  • If your shipment is large in volume, it is going to be cheaper if you send two wheels instead one that can pay for the excess weight of your shipment
  • Be sure to accurately measure the size of the item before you pass it to not be that you are unprepared for the additional costs
  • Avoid sending in your shipment fragile objects
  • If your shipment contains many expensive and valuable items for you, better insure them for additional security.


Putting your trust into the partners of CouriersFinder you know that your parcel is going to be delivered quickly and safely to and from Romania.

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