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Canada is a country in North America which consists of 10 provinces and three territories and it is the largest country on the continent. Its area consists of 9,984,671 km2 making the country the second largest worldwide. Canada borders in the east with the Atlantic Ocean, in the north – with the Arctic Ocean, in the west – with the Pacific Ocean, and its border in the south and in the northwest with the United States is the longest border between two countries in the whole world.

The total population of Canada is a little over 35 million people, although the country is on the 37th place in population density worldwide. The country’s population increases steadily – partly as a result of positive natural growth, but to a greater extent this fact depends on the constantly increasing flow of immigrants. At the same time Canada attracts foreigners with its membership in various international organizations such as the G8, G20, NATO, OECD, WTO, Commonwealth of Nations, OAS, APEC, UN, NAFTA etc. The official languages ​​at federal level are English and French.

The capital of Canada is Ottawa where live about 800 000 people which makes the city the fourth largest in the country. Ottawa is the political and technological center of the country and according to studies it is the second city in quality of life in America, the fourteenth in the world and at the same time – the second cleanest city in Canada and the third worldwide.

The largest cities in Canada are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and the country is known for its highly developed economics. It is the ninth economic power in the world and these cities, like many others, Canada offers to the indigenous population and the immigrants living there well-developed foreign trade, abundant natural resources, low unemployment, public education, affordable health care, protection of civil rights and freedoms, high quality of life and economic freedoms. When you want to send a courier to some of these cities or elsewhere in Canada, you can find the postal code you need for your shipment here.

Canada is a country with a not very long history back in time but it has become one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. The country is preferred by the indigenous population mainly for its economic freedoms, the winter sports and the specific cuisine.

The business climate in Canada is favorable which makes the country an attractive investment destination. There are observed high fiscal freedom, excellent control of the government spending and endless opportunities for lending and development of the small and medium business. The country is the second worldwide in the field of property rights which opens its path to the world trade and its excellent business climate helps to maintain extremely low levels of unemployment.

The colder climate and the long-lasting snow cover are a prerequisite for highly developed winter tourism in Canada which is supported by the well-maintained resorts and the winter sports facilities. Besides the highly developed ski and snowboard disciplines, the most popular winter sport in Canada remains the hockey which has become a national sport. The numerous teams that have won multiple international competitions attract millions of fans and the vast majority of the Canadians practice this sport in their free time regardless of their age.

Last but not least Canada is known for its specific cuisine. Mostly a mix between English and French specialties it offers a variety of dishes according to the particular region and season but everywhere the maple products are extremely popular. In the form of candy, a thick sauce for pancakes, salad dressing or marinade for baked goods the maple syrup is the most typical Canadian foodstuff. It not only directly corresponds with the symbol of Canada – the maple tree, but also its characteristic flavor pointedly distinguishes the dishes prepared with it from the other national cuisines.

These characteristic aspects of Canada are just a small part of the reasons for the increased traffic of couriers from and to the country which have to be sent and received quickly and safely.

CouriersFinder is an online platform that allows quickly and comfortably to compare and order a courier services of the partners of the company that are established by renowned specialists in their field and provide the secure and timely dispatch and receiving of your shipment.

The exact prices and conditions for sending parcels and shipments containing documents to Canada can be found on the website of CouriersFinder which can be found here.

Once you have chosen by which of the partners of CouriersFinder to send your parcel or documentary shipment to Canada, do not miss to read the tips of CouriersFinder for successful sending and receiving of your shipment:

  • Make sure that your shipment has an appropriate internal and external packaging
  • Avoid sending valuable and fragile items
  • Do not send parcels to Canada that contain cold weapons or firearms
  • It is forbidden to send parcels containing food, plants, animals and derived products
  • Your shipments to Canada cannot contain explosives, fireworks or ammunitions
  • Your consignments you cannot include vehicles for personal use of any kind, including cars, caravans, snowmobiles, trucks etc.
  • Your parcel shipments cannot contain products that are not eligible for the Canadian security conditions
  • Avoid sending shipments containing perishable goods
  • You cannot send to Canada a parcel containing dangerous, poisonous or infectious materials and objects
  • Insure your shipment if it contains valuables.

Once you have got to know the pieces of advice of CouriersFinder how successfully to send your parcel to Canada, you can enjoy a few photographs of the country:

Your parcel is going to reach the capital Ottawa quickly with the partners of CouriersFinder

Parcels to Canada

The receiving of your parcel to the Canadian countryside is not a problem for the partners of CouriersFinder

Canada2Parcels to Canada1

The snow slopes of Canada are not a problem for the delivery of your parcel for the CouriersFinder’s partners

Parcels to Canada2

CouriersFinder is going to help you send your shipment to some of the Canadian national sights

Parcels to Canada3

With the partners of CouriersFinder your shipment is going to reach express each of the bigger cities in Canada

Parcels to Canada4

With the partners of CouriersFinder your parcel is going to reach Canada quickly and safely!

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