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The Federal Republic of Germany is a country in western-central Europe and it covers an area of 357 123 km2. It is the largest country in the region and it borders with nine Еuropeаn countries – with Denmark in the north, with Poland and the Czech Republic in the east, with Switzerland and Austria in the south, with France in the south-west and with Luxemburg, Belgium, and the Netherlands in the west.

The capital of Germany is Berlin and it is inhabited by about 3.4 millions of people, which makes it the largest city in the country, followed by Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, and Frankfurt am Main. The country is also separated in 16 constituent states. You can find the postal code of each location in Germany here.

The population of Germany is about 82 millions of people, which automatically makes it the most settled county on the territory of the European Union (15, 9% of the entire population of the structure).

At last, but not least it should be paid attention to the German educational system, especially to its part in the field of higher education, which attracts thousands of students from all over the world every year, a lot of whom after completing their education find a lucrative job there as well as develop their careers in an appropriate way. Read more