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Nowadays the globalization has been erasing the boundaries among countries and continents, the world is becoming an indivisible whole and all of us are fortunate to be able to get the best of it. We drive German cars, watch our favorite shows and movies on Japanese TVs, talk on Korean phones and work on computers made in the USA. We wear Italian clothes and use French perfumes. We enjoy prosciutto from Parma, cheddar from England and Dutch Gouda that are accompanied by a glass of French Bordeaux or Australian Syrah and for dessert we serve up a Belgian chocolate masterpiece. While watching the performance of our favorite football team in an international tournament we taste craft beers from all around the world.

One of the biggest advantages of living in free economic zones and alliances such as the EU is the possibility of people easily and at a reasonable price to experience the best products from all other countries in the community.

Of course, large companies in the transport sector have a crucial role for all of this to happen. By logistics and courier services, land, air or water transport – all goods that surround us have been delivered to us by one of the many companies in this branch of business. Read more

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The Hellenic Republic is a country in Europe which occupies the southernmost part of the Balkan Peninsula and covers an area of 131, 475 km2, 130, 335 km2 of which are land. Greece borders in the northwest with Albania, in the north – with Bulgaria and Rumania, in the east – with Turkey, in the south – with the Mediterranean Sea and in the west – with Ionia Sea.

The total population of Greece amounts to little more than 11 million people, most of whom live in the larger cities and there are trends of population aging and negative growth. Despite these persistent trends and the complex momentary economic situation Greece continues to attract immigrants every year, mainly in the agriculture sector.

The biggest city in Greece is its capital Athens – an attractive cultural, administrative and economic center where more than 3 million people live. The other biggest cities in the country are Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Patras, Heraklion, and Peristeri. When you want to send your courier consignment to one of them or to another location in Greece, you can quickly find the exact zip codes of all settlements in the country on the web page of CouriersFinder: here. Read more

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The Republic of France is a country in West Europe. Its territory covers a total area of 675 417 km2 which make it the second largest country on the continent. Metropolitan France borders with Belgium in the north, with Luxemburg in the northeast, with Germany, Switzerland, and Italy in the east, with Monaco in the southeast and with Andorra and Spain in the south. Extremely favorable in a commercial aspect for the country are its borders with the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and the narrow English Channel under which is drawn a tunnel with a speed rail link separates it from the UK.

The population of France is a little more than 66 millions of people which make it the second most populated country in Europe and in the European Union. Its economy is the fifth in the world and second in Europe after Germany by GDP and France is the richest European country in terms of average wealth per household.

The biggest city in the country is the capital Paris where more than 2 millions of people live. Other big cities in France are Marseille, Lion, Toulouse, and Nice. If you have to send a parcel to some of them or to another destination in the country, on the website of CouriersFinder you can find the postal code you need: here. Read more