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Romania is a country in Southeastern Europe that borders in the northeast with Moldova and Ukraine, in the west – with Hungary and Serbia, and tin he south – with Bulgaria. In the east, it has an outlet on the Black Sea.

The total area of the country is 238,396 km², as 231,244 km² of them are land and 7,152 km² is water. Romania’s population amounts to approximately 22 millions of people and this fact places the country on the the110th place in population density worldwide. The country joined the EU together with Bulgaria on 01/01/2007 and from that moment it became an external border of the organization.

The capital of Romania is Bucharest – the largest city in the country and the same time the most important cultural, administrative and political center of the country. The city is the only one with a population of over one millions of people and there resides a little over 10% of the total population of the country. Read more

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The Republic of Turkey is a country in Asia and Eastern Europe that borders in the east with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran, with Iraq and Syria in the south and with the Aegean Sea and the islands in it, Greece and Bulgaria in the west. The location of Turkey between South East Europe and the Middle East gives it a great geostrategic importance. In the country, the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles are fully deployed, through which it is established a connection between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

The total area of the country is 783,562 km² with a population of about 75 million people that makes it the 18th most densely populated country in the world. The official language is Turkish, but there is no official religion. Turkey is a member of organizations such as NATO, OECD, the Council of Europe, OSCE and the G-20. Turkey began full membership negotiations with the European Union in 2005. The state is also a member of the Organization “Islamic Conference” and the Organization for Economic Cooperation.

The official capital of Turkey is Ankara but the largest city which is also the cultural center of the country is Istanbul. Read more

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Austria is a country in Central Europe, bordered by Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the west, Italy and Slovenia in the south, Slovakia and Hungary in the east and Germany and the Czech Republic in the north. It is a parliamentary republic that consists of 23 regions, divided into nine provinces. The official language Austrian German in its standard form.

Austria is not big in size – it covers 83,858 km2 while its population is just over 8 millions of people. There is a trend towards an aging population but the continuous influx of immigrants compensates to some extent for this aspect of the demographic development of the country.

The capital of Austria is Vienna. This is the largest city in the country – there live about 1.6 millions of people and at the same time, Vienna is a separate province. Currently, Vienna is declared to be the best city to live in for the sixth time in a row due to its excellent political, social and economic climate, the quality of healthcare in the city, the possibilities for good education, the sufficient number of green spaces and the infrastructure conditions. In the old part of town, there are numerous architectural monuments which are included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. Read more