Parcels to the Republic of France

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The Republic of France is a country in West Europe. Its territory covers a total area of 675 417 km2 which make it the second largest country on the continent. Metropolitan France borders with Belgium in the north, with Luxemburg in the northeast, with Germany, Switzerland and Italy in the east, with Monaco in the… Read more »

Parcels to Italy

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The Italian Republic is a unitary parliamentary republic in South Europe which has a total area of 301, 338 km 2. The continental part of the country is placed on the Apennine Peninsula and borders in the northwest with France, in the north with Austria and Switzerland, in the east with Slovenia, with the enclave… Read more »

Parcels to the Kingdom of Spain

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The Kingdom of Spain is a country in southwestern Europe and it has a total area of 504, 645 km2. Located on the Iberian Peninsula its mainland borders in the north and in northwest with France, Andorra and the Bay of Biscay, in the west and in northwest with Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean and… Read more »